We have used walnuts in this salad, but it’s equally as good with pine nuts. The following quantities would serve 4-6.


2 cups chopped (cubed) pumpkin (choose your favourite – we use Kent)

2 tbs olive oil

2-3 tbs dukkah (we use Table of Plenty pistachio)

salt to taste

spinach leaves

100 g fetta cheese

1/2 an avocado

1/2 cup walnuts


3 tbs olive oil

2 tbs fresh lemon juice

2 tbs seeded mustard

2 tbs brown sugar


Heat oven to 180° C

rub pumpkin cubes with olive oil and place on baking tray (covered with glad bake)

cook pumpkin in oven until tender (approx 20 mins)

sprinkle dukkah over pumpkin and ensure all pieces are coated, season with salt

(at this stage you can put the walnuts or pine nuts in with the pumpkin to roast for extra flavour)

continue cooking until golden brown

remove from oven and set aside

Mix all dressing ingredients together until well combined (a screw top jar is handy for this)

Put rinsed spinach leaves in salad bowl

add sliced avocado, fetta cheese and nuts

arrange roast pumpkin over top

drizzle with dressing

serve immediately

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Roast pumpkin salad

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