Jelly slice


So this is a little bit retro….but you know there is jelly slice and then there is jelly slice!!  This recipe outshines so many others.

It makes a large amount so we use a large baking tray to make this in. It makes a lovely high slice.


1 x 250g packet of dry biscuits (we use Marie) finely crushed

170g unsalted butter melted

2 tbs gelatine

1/2 cup water

500g cream cheese softened

2 x 395g tins condensed milk

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 cup of thickened cream

2 x 85 g packet of raspberry jelly crystals


Process biscuits until really fine.  Pour in the butter and mix together (ensure mixture holds).  Spread into base of baking tray, press firmly with spoon until even.  Refrigerate until needed.

Beat cream cheese until smooth, continue beating while adding the condensed milk, lemon juice and cream.

Pour gelatine over water, mix with spoon and then microwave for approx 3 seconds or until melted.

Pour gelatine into cream cheese mixture while beating slowly.

Tip mixture on top of biscuit base and refrigerate until set.

Make jelly according to the directions on the packet, when the jelly is room temperature pour gently over set cream cheese layer.  (I usually pour from a jug straight into baking tray while it is the fridge – saves transporting and spilling jelly!)

Refrigerate until completely set, then slice into squares and serve.

Did we mention this is the best ever jelly slice??

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