Lemon slice


Saw this slice on our travels today, and decided to make this old favourite.


1 packet Scotch finger biscuits 375 g

140 g butter

1 tin condensed milk 395 g

1 and 1/4 cups desiccated coconut

rind of 2 lemons

Icing ingredients

40 g butter melted

3   1/2 cups icing sugar

juice of 1 lemon


Put the condensed milk and butter in small saucepan. Heat until butter is melted, stir until combined.  Food process ( or crush) biscuits until very fine crumbs. Put crushed biscuits into mixing bowl, add coconut, combined condensed milk and butter and lemon rind. Mix together. Spread into greased slice tin. Take time to  press it down evenly. Put into fridge.

To make the icing.

 Melt the butter.  Put icing sugar into bowl and add melted butter.  Add lemon juice and mix. Icing should be quite thick. Add more icing sugar if needed. Spread onto slice. Place back into fridge.

Once icing has set, run a knife around outside of slice tray. Using a metal spatula, carefully lift whole slice out of tray.This is optional but helps with cutting it evenly. Slice and serve !

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