Pumpkin & feta mini quiches


It may seem as though we have a bit of a thing about pumpkin & feta…..but it is such a great combination!  These quiches are super easy and delicious.

This recipe features another great Tassie feta (Hillwood ultimate feta)


3 sheets of puff pastry

1/4  small pumpkin cubed

olive oil

3 tbs dukkah (we use Table of Plenty pistachio dukkah)

4 free range eggs

1/2 cup cream

1/4 cup tasty cheese grated

100 g feta cheese crumbled

salt & pepper

50 g extra feta cheese crumbled

chopped parsley to top.


Preheat oven to 180°C.

Roast pumpkin until brown and cooked through in olive oil, sprinkle with dukkah (or whatever herbs & spices you prefer) about 5 mins before finished cooking.

Cut circles from thawed puff pastry (approx. 10 cm diameter), roll circles with rolling pin so slightly thinner (approx 11.5 cm diameter) – this makes them easier to manage.

Using a 12 hole muffin tin, press puff pastry circles into individual holes (you can use muffin cases – if you don’t make sure you grease the tin).  Don’t be too fussy, puff pastry is very forgiving.

Divide the pumpkin between each case and place into oven until pastry is slightly puffed and browning on the bottom (kind of like blind baking), remove from oven.

In the meantime, mix together eggs, cream, cheeses and salt & pepper.

Pour the cheese mixture over pumpkin, sprinkle with extra feta & parsley.

Return to oven and cook until quiches are puffed and slightly golden, serve warm.

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