Road trip


On Wednesday we set of on our foodie, produce seeking road trip.  With 2 children and grandma in tow we headed down the “old” highway going through all the little towns of Hagley, Exton and Westbury until we arrived at Deloraine for morning tea.  Morning tea was at the Deloraine Deli which has an impressive selection of Tasmanian produce.

Next stop was Latrobe and the fantastic experience that is Reliquaire. The back road through Spreyton to Devonport where we had lunch and some not so foodie shopping!

After lunch we headed to Anvers chocolates – too good for words :).  Back to Latrobe to the Cherry Shed – fantastic cherry ice-cream. Next stop cheese lovers heaven – Ashgrove cheese and the grand finale Christmas Hills Raspberry farm.


Dutch cream potatoes from a roadside stall

Quinoa from Reliquare

White & milk couvetoure chocolate from Anvers

Feta & goats cheese from Ashgrove

Raspberries from Christmas Hills raspberry farm

Considering only one of us has a kitchen this week ( renovations) we thought it only fair to hold the competition off until the weekend. We are both going to cook a main meal and a dessert and need to use at least one of the ingredients we bought on our trip in both dishes . Keep the sisterly competition alive by voting!

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