Two Ingredient Pizza Dough


I love working with yeast, it’s probably my favourite sort of cooking. When we installed a wood fire pizza oven, we also began an experimenting with lots and lots of pizza doughs in the quest for the perfect dough.I’ve just found one that you make the day before you use it and  I plan to give it a  try one day.

However, there have been times we have fallen back on this great recipe that has absolutely no yeast and even more than that…only has two ingredients! ( Again it’s on lots of places on the internet. I have no idea who first thought of it, wish I could take the credit but I can’t 🙂

 We made this recipe again tonight and because the fire hadn’t been lit in the pizza oven , we made in on a pizza stone. Still pretty good!


 (Makes 1 pizza)

1 cup self-raising flour

1 cup natural yoghurt

( extra flour for kneading)


Mix together, will still be quite wet. Put onto floured surface and knead.  Keep adding flour and kneading until it’s perfect 🙂 Roll onto pizza tray and add your favourite toppings.


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  1. no, it really is very, very simple. Pre blog I never weighed or measured things, so when I was actually measuring this I did wonder if 3/4 cup of yoghurt would be better because I did have to add quite a lot of flour when kneading….but left it as 1 cup because that’s what it says everywhere else! But apart from that…couldn’t be easier I promise!

  2. Do you have a baking time? Oven temperature?

    Hi Erin, I normally cook it for 15-20 mins 220 c. I do use a pizza stone to bake it on,but have done it without. Just lift base a little after 15 mins and check you may need to give it 5 or so more mins.

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